Prester Jon is a 6 ft tall Human male. He has scars on his lips that make it look like they were once stitched together. The stitches had clearly been ripped out. He carries a worn piece of vellum in his pocket. Any time people are making introductions he passes the note around.

This man is Prester Jon. He was a cleric of Desna. We sent him out on a mission to the East with a dozen other clerics, to bring the light of Desna to the heathens. He returned to the abbey 10 years later, alone, as he is now. Something has changed him. He no longer speaks. He has a symbol of Urgathoa, and he becomes very upset if you try to take it from him. He is obedient and does not seem evil or cruel. We beg you, Pathfinders, take him in and do not harm him. I'm sure he could be useful somehow. We cannot care for him here. -- Abbot Barleycote, Yanmass Abbey