• Level 10 Barbarian
    • Invulnurable Rager
  • Chaotic Neurtral
  • Dwarf (or so they tell him)
  • About to begin the 3rd book of Jade Regent
  • Bane of all Mages!
  • Biggest Kills:
    • Crazy lady ghost thing that lived in the Yeti
    • Big bad Llamashu lady with the Orgres in the fort

Smiles hails from the Land of the Mamoth Lords. Smiles is a Giant! Even though dumb people tell him he's a dwarf. But Smiles isn't no dwarf. Smiles' big Momma and all his Brothers was all Giants so that means Smiles is a Giant too. That's how families work, dum dums. But Smiles' Giant family isn't family anymore. Smiles' Brothers thought it was a funny joke to roll Smiles into the fire when he was asleep. Smiles got burned really bad and slept for about two weeks. Then smiles woke up and took his big axe and killed all his brothers in their sleep, because that was an even funnier joke. Big Momma woke up and saw Smiles doing this and didn't get the joke, so she kicked Smiles out forever.