• PFS 66591-2
  • Level 4 Alchemist
    • Grenedier
  • Chaotic Good
  • Tiefling
  • Likes to blow things up with fire

Fex was raised in a traveling circus in Andoran. He would spend his days in a cage, hissing and cackling at passerby. He would spend his nights learning Alchemy at the hands of his mentor The Great and Powerful Haemakaal. Haemakaal was the circus "Mage". He mixed potions and powders which he incorporated into an elaborate "Demon Summoning" act. He would drink a potion of enlarge to make himself menacing, use ghost sound to make the tent echo with scary voices, and throw smoke powders and flash bombs to make it seem like Hell itself was about to enter the material plane. Then Fex would appear, hissing and spitting and threatening to call doom down upon all in attendance. Haemakaal and Fex would spend the next 20 minutes running through an elaborate routine which would end with Haemakaal binding Fex in a "Magic Circle" and banishing him back to Hell to the cheers and applause of the crowd. Fex would then meet Haemakaal behind the tent for a drink and a laugh.

It wasn't a terrible life, but Fex wasn't free. Andoran, at that time, was occupied by Cheliax. Due to Fex's, well, let's call it "mixed" lineage, Fex was not allowed to live unless he was owned. Then the Revolution came. Rumors started to spread around the camp; people saying things aloud which before were only whispered. People talked about freedom and slavery and change. One day a rider came into camp and declared that Cheliax had been banished from the realm and that all men were now free. That evening Fex began to pack his bags, determined to see the world and enjoy his new freedom with the rest of Andoran. The rest of Andoran had different ideas.

Haemakaal tried to warn him. He tried to stop Fex. But Fex didn't listen. Fex told Haemakaal that things were diffrent now; that the rider had proclaimed all men free. Fex's first night of freedom was spent running from a torch-wielding mob in the next village over. His second night was spent cold and alone in the woods. His third night was spent in a jail cell after the dogs found him. Freedom wasn't quite what Fex had imagined it to be.